Viburnum Suspensum

Viburnum suspensum


  • Product Details
    Height (potentially, at maturity): 3 - 6 feet
    Spread: 3 - 6 feet
    Exposure: Full Sun - Partial Shade
    Unique characteristics: Viburnum makes a really nice low hedge. The leaves can be a bit stinky when rubbed against or pruned. The thick, "wrinkly" leaves are very attractive. It's a very hardy plant that does well when neglected.
    Flower Color: NA
    Fertilizer Requirements: 12-6-8 per our instructions
    Drought Tolerance: High
    Salt Tolerance:


    Tips and Tricks: The first step is to always plant them in enriched soil like our Abell's Mix or another incorporation of quality compost. Once established, you want to make sure they get a good soaking as needed to keep them full and beautiful.

    South florida plants need special careā€¦..we have created our specialized
    information sheets to get your garden started the best way possible.
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